Voyager space wins $900M Air Force contract

Images: Voyager Space New Contract Announcement

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Images: Voyager Space Wins Contract

Breaking Technology Barriers

We’re going beyond the horizon to break technology barriers. We are an innovative engineering company that is solving pressing technology challenges for important aerospace and defense missions.

ISR Systems

In intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), we develop technology that identifies and locates radio emissions across the frequency spectrum to provide a clear view of the signal environment. We design, develop and test open architecture systems that:

  • Detect and decode signals
  • Locate signals
  • Turn signal data into signals intelligence

Propulsion Systems

In propulsion, we’re reaching new heights in solid fuel performance for missile and space launch systems. Our innovative technology can deliver greater precision, reliability, safety and affordability. We design, test and evolve controllable solid propulsion systems that:

  • Orient and position missiles or payloads
  • Steer missiles or payloads
  • Maintain aimpoint or orbital position trajectory

Customer-first Engineering

Our mission is to provide customer-first engineering that focuses on solutions, not on pushing products. We approach each project with the objective of delivering mission-focused solutions using best-of-breed technology.

Collaboration for Innovation

Innovation is key to how we run our business, collaborate and respond to our customers. See our blog for highlights of our innovations in propulsion technology, agile workshop implementation and ISR software projects that enable government, industry and third-party developers to expand user tools, databases, etc.

Industry Pioneers

We are industry pioneers on two important fronts: open architecture airborne ISR and controllable solid propulsion. Our team includes executives, scientists and engineers with decades of experience in delivering advanced airborne ISR and propulsion systems to the U.S. government – and a record of developing cutting-edge solutions.