Continuing Development of Reaction Control System for Small Satellites

NASA has selected Valley Tech Systems, Inc., (VTS) for negotiation of a contract for its Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) proposal for an Affordable Small Satellite Launch Vehicle Reaction Control System. NASA announced the selection March 7, 2018.

NASA Selects VTS for Phase II SBIR Program

Valley Tech Systems, Inc., has been selected by NASA for a SBIR Phase II award for its Affordable Small Satellite Launch Vehicle Reaction Control System. (Earth image courtesy NASA)

VTS is applying its expertise in controllable long-duration solid-propulsion technology to the development of an Affordable Launch Vehicle Reaction Control System. A reaction control system provides thrust in any desired direction or combination of directions to adjust the trajectory of a spacecraft and provides torque to control rotation (roll, pitch and yaw). 

Valley Tech Systems’ innovative hot gas, throttling and extinguishment and reignition technologies regulate the use of solid propellant to achieve levels of precision and long-duration operation that approach those of liquid and cold-gas systems. Solid propulsion systems offer superior reliability, safety and affordability.